Faculty & Staff

Primary Division
Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten Mrs. Teresa Krause
Kindergaten Mrs. Carol Craig/Mr. David Gottstein
First Grade Ms. Jennifer Sendra
Second Grade Ms. Patricia Prokuski
Intermediate Division
Third Grade Mrs. Kelly Mikrut
Fourth Grade Ms. Elizabeth Pictor
Junior High Division
Fifth Grade Ms. Jennifer Blecka
Sixth Grade Ms. Katrina Odrobina
Seventh Grade Ms. Darcy Le Duc
Eighth Grade Mr. Jeffrey Lind

Special Classrooms
Music Mrs. Marie Blecka
Physical Education Mr. David Cho
Technology, Library, Art Mrs. Margaret Tanikowska
World Language-Spanish Ms. Zuly Moreno
Band Mrs. Eileen Pavlik
Title I Services Ms. Zuly Moreno
Early Childhood Aide Mrs. Belen Erazo and Ms. Erin Mikrut
Religious Education Sr. Kinga Hoffmann
Support Staff
Before/After School Program Ms. Mary Batorski
Food Service Mrs. Kathy Diaz
School Secretary Mrs. Agatha Kasprzyk
Family Relations Coordinator Mrs. Monika Rosol
Communications and Development Director Mrs. Diane Steinert
Enrollment and Marketing Director Ms. Maria Montes De Oca

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