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Congratulations to the Class of 2019

St. Constance Class of 2019 trip to Springfield Illinois

St. Constance Class of 2019 trip to Springfield Illinois

Say hello to our newest St. Constance Alumni!

We talked to the Class of 2019 about their high school plans and what they hope to be doing when they meet again at their ten-year reunion in 2029.

When asked what they would miss most about elementary school, almost all said they would miss their friends more than anything, a few wise souls said recess, knowing that recess is a benefit denied to those in higher education!  Of course, the fine St. Constance staff will be missed by several graduates.

Pictured left to right with St. Constance alumna and 8th grade teacher, Miss Jenny Blecka on their trip to Springfield, Illinois on May 23rd are the 2019 graduates:

Daniel will attend DePaul College Prep as his first step to becoming an accountant.

Much like the founding members of “Chicago”, Gabriel hopes to get his musical start at Taft and then become a Soundcloud rapper.

Erik is planning to attend Taft and looks forward to telling his classmates about his many travels. He also hopes to have a proud and happy mother.

Paul is heading to DePaul College Prep to continue his education with the goal of inventing something.

After graduating from Ridgewood H.S., Roman hopes to have mastered the accordion in time for the ten-year reunion.

Aliah is attending Northside College Prep and in 2029 hopes to be studying in higher education and working.

Filip will attend Fenwick High School and in ten years hopes to be the proud owner of not one, but two pet ducks.

After graduating from Fenwick H.S Thomas plans to do something big so that he can tell his classmates he is famous. (We think that if he succeeds, they will already know!)

In 2029, Natalia plans to have completed art or film school, own a big dog, be working in a book or music store and be writing short stories.

Taylor is continuing her education at Taft and in 2029 hopes to tell her St. Constance friends she is finishing her medical school studies or employed in a field that helps people.

After graduating from Lane Tech, and continuing her education, Natalie looks forward to living alone with her many animals and working in a profession she has yet to determine.

Rosie is hoping to be gainfully employed in a field to be determined, happily married, and an owner of a pet goat

Once he has completed his studies at DePaul College Prep, Adam hopes to help people as a therapist.

After attending East Leyden H.S., Victoria plans to continue her education and attend veterinary school, so at the 2019 reunion, she will be two years away from her DVM.

Kalah will attend DePaul College Prep and in 2029 will be recognized a successful actress living in LA, happily married and mom to one girl and one boy.

Julia intends to head to college with the goal of becoming a veterinarian after graduating from Taft.

Once he graduates from DePaul College Prep, Krystian (not pictured) plans to study engineering and become Spiderman!

Good Luck to the Class of 2019!

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The Class of 2018 members; Left to Right, top to bottom:

  • John will be attending Notre Dame HS, where he would like to study History and one day hopes to serve in the US Army.

  • Julian is planning to study for an International Baccalaureate Diploma at Lincoln Park HS which will serve him well in college and law school, just in case things with the NBA don’t work out.

  • Alexandra will attend Lane Tech HS where she hopes to play water polo before becoming a professional writer.

  • Emily will be joining Alexandra at Lane and one day hopes to teach at the Elementary School level.

  • Yousif is going to attend Taft HS and will cook up a way to attend culinary school and become a professional chef.

  • Olivia will see Yosuif at Taft in the halls between the volleyball and basketball games she’ll be playing in. After such an active high school career, she would like to slow down a bit and become a video game designer.

  • Bryan is also heading to Taft, and will be studying in the IB Programme. He is planning careers in the United States Marine Corps and in Hollywood.

  • Matthew will see his St. Constance friends at Taft where he will work on honing his graphic design skills in hopes of pursuing a career in the field.