We just caught up with SUSAN BARANSKI KEHOE (Class of 1969). 

Susan is a current parishioner and choir member and has served as a cantor and catechist for many years. Her three children are also St. Constance alumni.

St. Constance Alumni Questionnaire

City where you live?  CHICAGO

What year did you graduate from St. Constance?  1969

High school:  RESURRECTION


What was your Confirmation name?  MARY

Do you remember the name of the Bishop?  NO!

Which event or field day was the most fun?  SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS FOR 8TH GRADE TRIP

What was the coolest art project you did?  UNFORTUNATELY, I WAS NOT AN ARTIST!

If St. Constance grew and maintained its own vegetable garden, what would you want to grow?  CARROTS

How do you like to read? (physical books, Kindle, etc.)  PHYSICAL BOOKS

What’s your favorite kind of juice?  DON’T DRINK JUICE

If you and your friends could do any activity after school today, what would it be?  SING SONGS

What’s the best game or sport that you play in gym class? Why is it so fun?  VOLLEYBALL BECAUSE I CAN DO IT

What’s your favorite school snack?  PEANUT BUTTER AND CRACKERS

If you could choose any animal for a class pet, what would it be?  DOG

Which school tradition are you most proud of?  MARY’S MAY CROWNING

What’s your favorite school lunch?  PIZZA

You can bring any three of your classmates on a cross-country road trip in your family’s station wagon, who would you choose and why?  NINA MY BEST FRIEND, MARSHA AND CINDY BECAUSE WE HAVE FUN TOGETHER

What project or assignment challenged you the most as a student?  SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT

What was the longest paper you wrote this year? Who was it for? What was it about?  A HISTORY PROJECT

If you could conduct any science experiment in a class, what would it be?  BLOWING UP STUFF

Which TV show was most talked about?  STAR TREK

What would you be SO embarrassed to be seen wearing (but secretly love)?  PAJAMAS

Which movie would you be most embarrassed to watch with your family?  DON’T KNOW

Who was your favorite teacher? What grade did he/she teach?  SISTER JANE MARIE IN 3RD GRADE

If you could have a do-over in any grade, which would you choose?  8TH

Where was your 8th grade dinner dance?  WE DIDN’T HAVE ONE

Which teachers would you most like to see at a class reunion?  THAT ISN’T POSSIBLE

What was your favorite song to sing in Kindergarten?  CHRISTMAS CAROLS

Who was your favorite “letter person”? WE DIDN’T HAVE THOSE BACK THEN 😊

Which Christmas Show was your favorite?  HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS

Did you or your parents keep a school project? Which one?  NO


Who was the school principal when you graduated?  SISTER JOSIEL

If we found and opened a school time capsule, what would you hope to find?  LETTERS AND PHOTOS

What was your favorite out of uniform outfit?  JEANS AND SWEATSHIRT

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