Guess who we just heard from! 

St. Constance MEMORIES

Hello from Felicia Renee Diaz, St. Constance School Class of 2004

What do you miss most about St. Constance Felicia?


What I miss most about St. Constance School is getting to see all the people that I used to see every day. I miss both my classmates and my teachers. I also miss the carefree joys of being a kid.

What high school did you attend?

After I graduated from St. Constance in 2004, I went to Lane Tech College Prep and graduated in 2008. I then received my bachelor’s degree from the American Academy of Art in 2012. I became a teacher and taught art for four years. This year, I launched my own business called AFAR- Artisan Furniture Artistically Redesigned.

 In 2024 when you attend your twenty-year St. Constance reunion what do you hope to tell your classmates you are doing?

I hope that by the 20th anniversary of my elementary school graduation, I will be able to say that I make my sole living from my furniture business and from making artwork.