We just caught up with ERIN MIKRUT (Class of 2010). 

St. Constance MEMORIES

City where you live?  Chicago

Erin Mikrut class of 2010

Erin Mikrut class of 2010

What year did you graduate from St. Constance?  2010

High school:  Resurrection College Prep

College: DePaul University

Occupation:  Teaching Aide at St. Constance School

What is your favorite hobby? I really enjoy cycling and completing the Bike the Drive event every year.

What is your favorite school tradition? I enjoy seeing the 1st Grade Christmas show at Mass. It’s always fun to watch the children perform the Nativity scene.

What was the most memorable field trip? My most memorable field trip was to see Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus with the whole school. My mom bought me a souvenir circus horse with a big pink feather on top. It’s one of my favorite things.

What is the best sport you played at St. Constance? My favorite sport was volleyball. I really enjoyed the team spirit!

What was your most memorable school project? My most memorable project was the Al Capone Does My Shirts book report for the Literature Fair. The book was wonderful and I had a great time dressing up as my favorite character, Moose.

Where was your 8th grade field trip? My 8th Grade field trip was to Milwaukee. My one memory from it was watching all of the boys from my class stuff themselves at the Old Country Buffet.

What is one memory you have from your 8th grade dinner dance? Dancing to Lady Gaga and taking goofy pictures together with my classmates.

Who was your favorite teacher and what is one memory you have of them? My favorite teacher was Mrs. Craig. I remember singing many songs with her and walking around the school with our 100 day projects.

What was your favorite school sponsored activity? I loved the Pumpkin Carving Party! It was fun to see everyone together in their Halloween costumes, picking out a pumpkin to carve, and dancing to my favorite Halloween music!

What character did you play in the 8th grade production of Stations of the Cross? I played Veronica for the Living Stations.

What was one fun memory you have from Junior High? I was the DJ at some of my Junior High dances. I loved picking out music and dancing with my friends.

What was your confirmation name? My confirmation name was Bridget. She is the patron Saint of cattle, newborn babies, and Irish nuns.

What role did you play in the first grade Christmas show? I played the Angel who told Mary that she would be a mother. I took the role very seriously and knocked it out of the park!

What is one memory you have from your kindergarten graduation? “Our sticks tap high, our sticks tap low” was my favorite part. I was the shortest one in the class but I made it work.

What was the best costume you ever wore in the Halloween Parade? Being a pirate! I had a small satchel of gold and a great hat!

What was your 8th grade science fair project? I think it was about hydroponic planting and I got a 2nd place ribbon.

Were you in student council? I was elected as Vice President of Student Council. My slogan was “It’s E-Z to See, Vote Erin for VP!” and I wore googly eyed glasses for my speech.

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