Pay It Forward with 2019-2020 Scholarship Appeal!

St. Constance Alumni have become successful adults with lives and careers made possible by the generosity of those who came before us. Now is the time to pay it forward. By supporting the Annual Alumni Fund, you will help others experience all that a St. Constance education has to offer; a challenging curriculum, a dedicated and caring staff, extracurricular enrichment programs and the best equipped gymnasium in Jefferson Park!

St. Constance prepares children to lead full and productive lives by nurturing mind, body and soul.

Any amount you give provides an opportunity for current and future St. Constance students to receive an excellent academic experience that will allow them to thrive here and beyond as they continue their education to become adults carrying on God’s work.

* $600 one-month tuition

* $205 books for a year

* $125 supply fee

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support to St. Constance so that more students can enjoy the same excellent education you were privileged to receive.

Your suppport is appreciated