welcome, prospective families!


Dear Prospective Families:

Principal Eva Panczyk with some Pre-K students at the end of a fun day!

Principal Eva Panczyk with some Pre-K students at the end of a fun day!

Welcome to Saint Constance School. On behalf of the faculty, staff and current families, we are grateful you are taking time to get to know our community and to see how our school is truly building successful futures one child at a time. Selecting a school and making a commitment to private education is one of the biggest decisions that a family makes, therefore, we feel privileged that you are considering a future with us!

There are many dynamic and exciting aspects to life at St. Constance School that we hope you will discover and appreciate as we do. We believe that our community is strengthened by a diverse student profile – each student is a unique and beautiful child of God with talents, challenges, curiosities, fears and dreams. Our students represent many cultures and traditions with some coming from different neighborhoods within the city while others come our way via the suburbs. It is the goal of everyone in our community to celebrate all our children and to help them understand how even more perfect they are when they are part of something much greater than self. We are a community! Our rigorous curriculum is designed to challenge and support students -- to help them make discoveries, ask good questions, use technology wisely, and become more independent in their thinking. And, our small class sizes allow for a more personalized instruction and level of support. We feel very fortunate to have on-going support from Big Shoulders Fund, Loyola University and other agencies who support and facilitate our educational goals. Our dedicated faculty work tirelessly to create meaningful and engaging curriculum for all of our students – for our youngest learners who are just starting to write their names all the way up to the “big 8th graders” who will be very well prepared for that next step of high school. We are learners!

As part of the St. Constance Parish, our hope is that we are not only forming the minds of children, but also forming their hearts. Using our Catholic faith and our Christian values as the foundation to all that we do, our students grow in their understanding of themselves, the world and become more compassionate, faith-filled and generous of heart. We are believers!

We hope you will seriously consider St. Constance School for your child. Knowing that you have many choices, we deeply value the investment families make to be part of our school and we are grateful for the partnership, generosity of time, treasure and talent that our families give. It is through the generosity of our donors and the parish that we are able to offer financial assistance to families who demonstrate need. If you would like to be considered for financial aid, please look for specific details and deadlines on the enclosed tuition form or visit our website.

Applications for Admission are accepted in the school office with a non-refundable deposit and the submission of a few specific documents as outlined in the application. If you have any questions or would like to talk further about your interest in St. Constance, please feel free to call me at 773.283.2311. Building successful futures is a great deal of work – but also a great deal of fun! We hope you’ll join us!

Warmest regards,

Eva Panczyk