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“St. Constance School provides a safe friendly environment for all students, and no student is left behind. The teachers work hard to focus on each student's individual needs. The student-teacher ratio is small enough to make this possible. The school is just the right size, and the Principal and staff are friendly, reasonable and easy to get along with. I couldn't ask for more from a school, and am very grateful we are able to be a part of this school.”

“The school continues to be a vital part of our lives. My kids love it, and as each one graduates, I get sad that one day it won't be such a big part of our lives. We are a St. Constance School family forever!”

“The students often participate in fund-raisers, work with the nuns that live on campus, and work to donate to causes from all over the world.”

“The coursework is pretty demanding, but it is meant to prepare students for the best high schools and colleges. The teachers work with the students to make sure the amount of homework given is not overwhelming. The school also offers homework help and after-school tutoring.”

“There is a good mix of experienced and new teachers and they all learn from each other. The teachers are a family and know each student by name. The students do good work, and receive many awards so they seem to be very effective.”

“This small Catholic school is a tight-knit community that focuses on each child to teach integrity and friendship.”

“St. Constance School provides a solid education with a good grasp of community, faith, and knowledge. It prepares our children with the tools needed to succeed. The teachers are caring and focused on providing the needed support so that our children benefit and grow. Leaving my child at St. Constance is like leaving them with a trusted family member. We also love the after school enrichment programs that the children have multiple choices to participate in.”

“Respect is a part of the mission of the school. As a Catholic environment, the teachers focus on making sure the students are friendly and well-rounded in all they do.”

“Graduates of SCS have a good track record of attending the most selective enrollment high schools in the area. They work together and with the teachers to get the best test score scores, and get accepted to the high school of their choice.”